Ossining Micro Fund

Offering No-Interest Loans to Individuals and Families in Need

A Project to Serve the Northern Westchester Community


How to Apply

OMF primarily offers loans through partners or agencies who walk loan recipients through our streamlined loan application process. For those who aren’t affiliated with a partner, OMF will work to identify a partner or we may lend to a recipient directly. We cannot consider loans in excess of $2,000, and most are smaller.

We will work with you to find a partner or agency if you need assistance.

Return your application to your partner or agency or to or call us at 347-746-9446

Possible uses:

Loans are available for one time expenses such as:

  • security deposits
  • medical or dental expenses
  • licensing and/or test fees
  • legal fees
  • job related expenses
  • one time tuition assistance
  • small business emergencies

Note: Loans are NOT available for ongoing business, educational or living expenses, except in cases where a one time opportunity or obstacle exists.
Ask us! Let us get to know you and your situation to see if we can help.

If your application is approved, a check will be issued and you will be required to sign a repayment agreement. A monthly repayment schedule will be included in the agreement. Loans must be repaid within 24 months.
There are two options for loan repayment:

  1. An automatic deduction or transfer made every month from the recipient’s bank account and/or paycheck.
  2. A check or money order mailed every month to Ossining Micro Fund
    PO Box 4010
    Ossining, NY 10562

An OMF representative will mentor you through our process. If you encounter unexpected problems with repayment, contact your partner or mentor and a revised payment agreement may be arranged.

When repayments are complete, the loan recipient may request a letter that can be used to establish his/her credit.

To apply for a loan, you fill out a few short forms – an application and a budget worksheet. Forms are available at one of our many partnering agencies or you can download them here by clicking the document name below.

Microfund Loan application | Monthly Budget Worksheet
Spanish loan application| Spanish Monthly Budget worksheet